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When we were little kids, grown-ups would always ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up? Most answers ranged from astronaut to lawyer, and we even had a few ballerinas in the mix. However, not one of us ever answered the question with “I want to be overworked and stressed out.” I don’t think anyone wants to grow up to be glued to a desk. Although, as we grow up we lose touch with our inner child and we do chain ourselves to our work. Some of us hold on so tightly to our careers that we forget that there is a whole world out there for us to experience. Here are just a few tips on rejuvenating your free time.

  1. The office should stay at the office:

We have all been guilty of bringing our work home with us. We are actually trained to do so from an early age. Teachers would give us homework thus creating in our minds a routine. When we become adults we follow that routine. Day in and day out we either sit at our desks until late at night or get there early in the morning, logging in those hours. But I want you to think for a moment of the last day you went home on time and didn’t bring home your office. Maybe you had a drink with your friends, or watched a football game, or even took a dance class. You did something that helped you relax and made you feel better. Remember that it is perfectly acceptable to leave the office at the office.

  1. Work with your employer, not against:

None of us are thrilled when there are deadlines and our employers or supervisors are breathing down our necks, but a great way to relieve some of that stress is to sit and talk with your supervisor. Don’t work against them, work with them. There may be deadlines they have to meet and if your team is not meeting your deadlines then they can’t meet theirs and it becomes a cycle of stress. The best thing is to communicate with your supervisor. Sometimes you both can reach a solution that alleviates stress on both ends.

  1. Take 5 Minutes a Day for Yourself

We are expected to give 110% at work day in and day out, then we come home and are expected to give 110% there with our families. But remember, it is a good thing to take a few minutes out of every day for yourself. Maybe it’s a small meditation, or you might just have lunch outside instead of at your desk. By taking that 5 minutes you’re giving yourself permission to relax.

  1. Turn off the cell phone!

When you go home and you’re spending time with the family, turn off the cell phone. Engage with your family and your pets. The cell phone will be there when you’re done, but those moments with your family, they are fleeting. Soak them up without that phone buzzing and distracting you from your kids doing cartwheels or your spouse dancing in the living room. Work will be there in the morning.

  1. Take your vacation days:

We work for six months straight and never call in sick or take a day for ourselves. We accumulate paid time off. Take that time and go on vacation with your friends or family or even treat yourself to a little trip. You should take your vacation days. The office runs smoothly while you’re there and your office will run smoothly while you’re gone.

Remember that you have a life outside of the office. At Executive Suite Professionals, our administrative team runs the office smoothly so you don’t have to worry about taking your time off. We answer the phones for you so you don’t have to. Life and work is a balancing act, let us be your safety net.

By Devin Hill

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