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Here in Jacksonville, Florida we are a coastal city. Everywhere you look, to get from one end of town to the next, you are going to go over a bridge. Sometimes it will be the Matthews Bridge, or the Acosta, or my personal favorite, the Main Street Bridge.

The only way to get to the heart of Jacksonville, where the majority of big and small businesses live, is over a bridge. Bridges are architectural masterpieces that connect two pieces of land together, bridges can also be built in businesses.

We have a universal saying of “don’t burn bridges”, we are referring to relationships and connections. In the corporate world every time you shake someone’s hand or pass your card, you are putting together the foundation for your bridge.

It is best to start with the companies around your office. Those first few introductions are not only connecting you with other companies, but they are also the beginnings of your reputation. They are going to study how you hold yourself, whether or not you’re confident with yourself and your brand. They are going to respond to what you present so it is best to keep that first impression professional. Remember that there may come a day you need to cross that bridge.

You are the architect for how others view your company and your brand. It starts with that first handshake or that direct eye contact. Working within the smaller community of businesses can catapult your business into exponential growth.

Continuously working to build those connections will take you and your business from being the new office in the building to taking over an entire floor. It is all about growth and the only way to grow is to build strong connections.

Here at Executive Suite Professionals we pride ourselves on building those bridges and connections. We are all about building strong networks for our clients. When they thrive we thrive and that is what building bridges is all about.


By Devin Hill

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