Organization: A Few Tips to Keep the Office in Check



cropped-window-suite-at-esp1.jpgOffices are homes away from home. We leave our homes in the morning to settle in behind our desks and follow our passions in life. We build up our companies and reputations as professionals. The one thing we sometimes forget to focus on is the organization of our office.

Papers scattered the desk, the phones ring, and clients keep coming. Here are some tips and trick to keep the chaos under control.

  1. Folder and Binder: When it comes to papers, folders and binders are the best thing to keep the desk clear. It depends on the type of work you do whether or not you want to organize papers alphabetically by client name, or numerically by invoice number.
  2. Keep Your Desk Clear: When it comes to keeping the chaos down, in order to keep focused, only handle one client at a time. When we have a clear desk then we feel less pressured and calmer when we interact with our clients.
  3. Keep a Calendar: It doesn’t matter if the calendar is digital or pen and paper, but at the end of the day keeping a calendar will help you stay organized and efficient.

These are just a few tips to keep the office organized and running smoothly so your stress level doesn’t have to ride. Here at Executive Suite Professionals, if you find yourself with a cluttered office or need help in getting your office the way you’d like it, just ask. The ladies at ESP are here to help you in your journey to grow your business. Your success is our goal.

By Devin Hill

Welcoming a New Company


When a new company sets up an office in an executive business center, there is a learning curve as well as introductions to be made. A new company, whether the company is a start-up or has been established for thirty years, still has some growing pains when entering a new environment.

The new company should be made to feel welcome. An executive business center like Executive Suite Professionals introduces a new company to existing companies. Connections are made in a warm and open environment. The team at ESP sets up the phones, internet, and office for the new company before they even arrive so that the move is nearly seamless.

On occasion when welcoming a new company, the best way is either post the new company’s information on a bulletin board in common areas, or give them the spotlight in a monthly newsletter to let the floor know that someone has been added to the center.

As the new company, if you are looking at a business center and the companies are not aware of their neighbors or there is no way of announcing your arrival that might not be the best fit for you. At ESP, our goal is to create an environment that encourages networking and professional friendships. The best way to start in a new office is with a warm welcome.

The Real Face-Time



We live in a world bombarded by technology. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype all make the world a much smaller place for us. Connections are made almost instantly and can be maintained virtually. Today, a person can have friends in China and California, but have never had to leave their home town in Texas. Social media, the internet, and cell phones have taken our huge planet and shrunk it down to fit in the palm of our hands.

For all the good things about technology, there are draw backs to the virtual world. These drawbacks can be observed in the millennial generation and the iGeneration. The screen gives us a sense of anonymity as well as a false sense of comfort. Even though we are interacting and having full, even meaningful conversations, the idea of virtual interaction gives us a warm blanket of security.

That warm blanket doesn’t exist in face to face interactions. However, the upcoming generations are disconnected when it comes to face to face interactions and etiquette. In the professional world, technology is very helpful. Technology can make deals happen faster and more efficiently. Face to face interaction, the real FaceTime, is where strong connections are made.

With technology, you swipe right and a connection is made. With real life interaction, there is a fine art to the nuances of etiquette. A firm handshake, a sincere smile that twinkles in your eyes, the way we walk, the timber of our voices, all of these things build up to a first impression. When you meet in person, there are no screens to hide behind. In person, you don’t get to pause and craft a witty response. You have to learn how to think on your feet and keep moving. Face to face interactions are where confidence is built along with lasting networks.

Face to face interactions are a dying art form and it is time for a renaissance. It is time to put the phones and computers away to brush up on face to face skills.


By Devin Hill

Office Community: What to Look For when Picking an Office Space


Your start-up has grown from a little idea in the back of your mind to a business that requires you to hire another person or two. Clients keep coming and the work keeps piling up. Your home office is starting to spill over into the living room and the kitchen, making your spouse get a little cabin fever going.

You’ve made the decision to move your company from your home to an office. It is time and you’re ready to take the leap. You tour business center after business center and you notice something. The centers where clients don’t interact, where there is no comradery seems dreary, almost depressing. You don’t want your company to get stuck under a gray cloud of anonymity.

The best marketing, even in today’s world is word of mouth. We don’t necessarily think of word of mouth being on the forefront, but just open the App store on your iPhone. Each app has reviews. The better the reviews, the more popular the app. Reviews are word of mouth.  When you come into a business center, how great would it be if other company’s on the floor knew who you were, what you do, and were able to direct new clients to you. It is free marketing, but the only way that can happen is if you’re in a business center that promotes a sense of community.

When you have peers singing your praises because they have interacted with you, built a connection with you, it can really make a difference. If you settle into an executive business center that does not promote community, it could be five years before another company even knows you’re there. Anonymity is not the way to go when building a business.

At Executive Suite Professionals, community is key. Events take place monthly to bring people out of their offices and to interact. Even in a world of technology, that face to face interaction can mean the difference between a lean month and a full month on the books. Community and communication is the best way to build a better network.

Soft Skills: How They Can Set Your Business Apart


As we run with open arms into the future, embracing technology, and automation, companies are finding that the new influx of employees are rusty on their soft skills.

Shaking a hand, looking someone in the eyes, or simply smiling and greeting them with pleasantries has seen a decrease in the workforce. With the advancements in technology, we as a society have become heavily reliant on automated messaging systems and email. There is nothing wrong with these forms of communication, but an essential step to retaining business can be missed when a person is greeted by a machine or a disinterested front desk.

Soft skills are slowly fading with the onslaught of technological advances so when a company still incorporates soft skills in their business model it can really set them apart. Face to face interaction is on the decline in the work force, but there is still that need for a client to put a face to the voice on the phone or the emails they receive.

When thinking about your business, think about the reviews your company is receiving. Are they positive with client and employee interaction, or is that just omitted in the reviews all together. Sometimes silence on a particular aspect of an interaction can be just as bad as a negative review.

At Executive Suite Professionals, the ladies that work at the reception desk are encouraged to cultivate their soft skills to prime clients for a positive interaction. Shaking someone’s hand with confidence, smiling, and opening a dialogue that allows for the client to have undivided attention can be the difference between a new client or a missed opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with emails or automated messages, but at the end of the day, face to face interaction can make a big difference. Politeness and professionalism can bring in more clients than just an information email. At ESP we offer that face to face interaction. The front desk is always polite and professional and endeavor to give potential clients an opportunity to have a positive experience.

-Devin Hill

How to Market a Small Business


Day Office at ESP

The office is all set, the decorations are up and they are inviting. The website has launched, the employees are ready to go, but clients are having a hard time finding your business. Why?

Much of it has to do with the fact that when you hire a company to build your website, they will put it together, they will even launch it for you, but in some cases they neglect SEO. Search engine optimization, also known as buzzwords. As an employer, when you are looking at candidates for a position in your office, you look for buzzwords in their resumes. Well your clients are doing the same thing when they are looking at your website.

We are in a digital age where if we need to know something about a subject or a person we hit the Internet, hard. We throw a combination of buzzwords out there and hope that a helpful website flies back at us. If your website does not have embedded SEO, the correct buzzwords, new clients are not going to be able to find your website.

Along with those buzzwords, you will need positive Google reviews. The more reviews you have, the higher your website will climb on that search list.

Social media is also an excellent marketing tool. For some outlets, the marketing it can provide is free, for others there is a monthly charge. When attempting to market via social media, be sure to read the fine print so that you don’t go over budget.

However, even when all of that technology and potential, unless you have someone handling your social media and staying on top of popular trends, there is a chance your marketing will take a hit.

That is where Executive Suite Professionals can help. With the start of 2018, social media marketing is being offered to new clients, as well as SEO and blogging.

Your new business has nothing but potential. Be sure to use the tools available to you when it comes to marketing, including ESP’s new marketing consultant.


-Devin Hill

Starting a Small Business and Finding the Right Office Space


Inside each of us is the flicker of a dream. For some that dream is to support our friends and family in their success. For others their dreams are to strike out on their own and build their own empire with their support team. Both are noble pursuits, but when striking out on your own you have to have a plan, a solid foundation; an office space.

It takes 10 seconds to make a first impression. For most people it is how we dress that conveys that first impression. For businesses, it is their office space. Your office space is the suit your company wears and it is being weighed by existing clients and potential clients. At Executive Suite Professionals that proverbial suit is always dry cleaned and pressed to instill confidence in clients.

At ESP, when you pick an office space, not only to get an ideal spot in the heart of downtown and in a reputable, easily identifiable building, but the office itself comes fully furnished. When a potential client calls in, there are two receptionists on the phones at all times so no opportunity is missed. The first few steps into suite 1400 is a breathtaking display of marble and cherry wood. In that reception area your clients will be greeted with the utmost professionalism and you will be called to come walk them back to your office. At no time will a client catch you unawares.

The quiet professional atmosphere instills confidence in the clients, but it also offers comfort. The perfect office space is hard to find. When breaking down the budget for a budding business, it is better to save as much money up front as possible, while still giving your clients the best possible experience. Executive Suite Professional can offer that to you.

We have been here in the Downtown area for five years going on six with many satisfied clients on our floor. We don’t just offer office space though. Along with the office space our clients can take advantage of our conference rooms, our social media experts, and our notary service. ESP is a full service business center and we are here to help your business grow.

It is the New Year, your dream can come true. ESP can give you the foundation you need to take your business from an idea to reality.

-Devin Hill


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