Walking the Walk: How close to the courthouse is ESP?

OT reported back in March on the Independent spirit of Lisa Gufford’s thriving Executive Suite Professionals ‘ESP’ business center in Jacksonville.

Undaunted by competitors, including the ever-present specter of Regus, Lisa continues to, in her words “put 100% of our efforts on anticipating and delivering to exceed the expectations of our clients.”

One of many cool things about ESP is their close proximity to the local court house, a strong draw for local attorneys, of which ESP has several within its walls at the EverBank building in downtown Jacksonville.

But just how close is ESP to the court house? Lisa, not one for idle claims, decided to take a walk the other day to demonstrate to her clients just how close ESP is to the courthouse. Below is her short journey of exactly 576 steps, door to door.

Oh and you’ll see how many calories she burned up as well. Enjoy the video. It’s a great example of making a point in a simple, yet creative and fun way. Kudos to Lisa and the ESP team!


-Blog courtesy of Officing Today


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